Precision Green Energy

Be Confident In Your Home Wiring

Be confident in your home wiring…..
As well as providing some of the best green energy solutions in the Gloucestershire area we also offer a range of additional services to our customers. One of these is a comprehensive home re-wiring and Fuseboard update. There can be many reasons for considering re-wiring your property, some of which are:
– Older lighting circuits are potentially not earthed.
– Cables over 20 years old can break down and cause faults
– Old accessories become loose which can result in heat build up
All our new installs are covered by Residual Current Devices to protect against electrocution and Surge Protection Devices to combat power surges in the home. We can supply more outlet sockets thereby reducing the need for multi gang extension leads – which can be a hazard.
We will also upgrade your Water and Gas bonding, reducing the risk of electric shock.
If you want to be sure that your home is electrically safe and sound then why not give us a call, and in the first instance we can advise as to what your property might need. You can call us on 01452 471031 or visit our website via the following link: